Skincare By The Beach: 5 Tips

Rox Spa Beach Tips


Summer sun brings trips to the beach, with long days and more than average sun exposure. Here are five tips to keeping your skin protected.

1.        SUNSCREEN: LOTION OR SPRAY? –  Use lotion before spray sunscreen.  Apply lotions first. This insures an even coverage and to avoid missing areas.  Spray sunscreens are great for reapplications but makes sure to still rub in the lotion (for an even application). Don’t forget the ears!

*UVA/UBA/SPF – What do they mean? Your skin needs both UVA and UVB protection. The SPF number only applies to UVB—the sunburn causing rays. The other rays—UVA rays— are the aging rays which breakdown collagen and elastin that cause wrinkles. Zinc Oxide is an excellent UVA and UVB sunscreen.  It’s also offers anti-inflammatory properties so it’s excellent for sensitive skin.

2.       LIP PROTECTION – Avoid aging your lips by protecting them with sunscreen.  Lips get burned easily and if you get cold sores the sun exposure can bring them out as well. Choose lip balms with an SFP of at least 25.

3.       REAPPLY – Sunscreen breaks down due to our bodies own chemistry, heat, and can wear off from sweating and swimming. You should reapply at least every 2 hours and if you are swimming. Look at the back of the bottle it will tell you how long it should last in the water.

4.       COVER YOURSELF – When possible have physical barriers to protect you from the sun. Hats will protect the skin on your face. Look for a wide brim to cover your nose. Sunglasses prevent squinting that cause crow’s feet and protect your eyes.  Umbrellas protect the whole body and provide shade for breaks from the sun.

5.       SPF: How high? The FDA is currently changing/ regulating sunscreen Spf 50 will be the maximum. High SPF numbers like SPF 100 can give a false sense of protection. The higher doesn’t give you full protection and can just be irritating to the skin.

FACT: Most sun protection products for babies don’t go over SPF 50 and there’s a reason—more irritating chemicals!

Bottom line: An SPF 30 with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protecting Zinc Oxide will keep your skin safe and protected as long are you’re applying (and reapplying) generously.

Rox Spa Beverly Hills is offering 20% off all Revision sunscreen to members during the month of July. Call us at 310-777-0496 for more information or to book your appointment. We love to keep you beautiful!

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