Acne Treatment

Acne is a common skin condition which causes “zits”, including whiteheads, blackheads, and red, inflamed patches of skin. Simply speaking, acne occurs when the surface of the skin is clogged. Since each pore in your skin opens to a follicle, which contains a hair and an oil gland, oil is secreted from there to help remove old skin cells. Skin glands often times produce an unnecessary amount of oil and that combined with dirt and bacteria build up and clog pores. Once clogged, the top of the infection either causes a whitehead or a blackhead. If the skin is broken on the infection, then red bumps and swelling will occur. Acne treatment is becoming more popular with the advancement of laser therapies.

Acne usually begins in adolescence and is most common throughout the teenage years. However, it is very common for adults to experience acne through their middle aged years. Although acne tends to run in the family, it can also be triggered by:

Hormonal changes (puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, stress)
Certain medication (birth control)
Oily and/or greasy cosmetic and hair products
Changes in temperature causing humidity and sweating
Acne Treatment – what can I do about it?

Usual remedies for moderate acne typically include topical treatments and occasionally prescription antibiotics. However, at RoxSpa, the Harmony XL AFT™ laser treatment (photofacial) is effective in destroying acne and clearing skin. Using the laser hand piece, intense blue wavelengths target acne producing porphyrins and create singlet oxygen that destroys the bacteria. Surrounding tissue is left unharmed while inflammatory acne lesions are cleared.

Acne Treatment – does it hurt?

This type of acne treatment causes minimal discomfort with minimal risk of side effects. The face is typically numbed with topical anesthetics for a half hour and then treated with the Alma AFT™ handpiece. Patients typically undergo 3-8 treatments, each lasting about 15-20 minutes, over a 4 week period. Positive results are produced three times faster than topical or antibiotic acne treatments with patients achieving 80% clearance.

Want more?

For more dramatic results layer your AFT photofacial treatments with the Cutera Laser Genesis™, the CO2 DOT™, or the Pixel™ laser resurfacing to minimize scarring. Mix it up with a chemical peel and a few microdermabrasion sessions and for that extra bit of oomph, add the correct at-home maintenance program and you’ve got the winning recipe for perfect skin. A cortisone injection can help those that need to get rid of an acne breakout immediately. Your RoxSpa practitioner can prescribe the most effective acne treatments for all of your acne concerns.