s we get older, our skin loses elasticity and collagen and what was once smooth, baby skin becomes no longer and we start to see dark spots, acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. Aging is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t have to show! Using an ALMA laser, pulsed light or radiofrequency technology actually heats the inner layer of the skin. The heat painlessly stimulates immediate collagen formation and continues into a long-term rebuilding process, providing lasting results.

Anti Aging Spa Treatments ROX Spa Beverly HillsAt RoxSpa, we can turn back the times of aging. Anti-aging is best treated with a multitude of treatments. Facials including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplane treatments, and oxygen facials are a great start to turn back the clock. Botox™ will take care of forehead lines, crow’s feet, and even some aging necks. Dermal fillers can revitalize your facial appearance by increasing volume in the face, improve lower lid hollowness, and diminish fine and/or deep wrinkles. The Alma AFT Photofacial™ is great for sun damaged skin that has uneven pigmentation, broken capillaries, or redness. The Alma Pixel™ is a great laser resurfacing treatment for aging skin that has been sun damaged or for those fine lines and wrinkles that showed up out of nowhere.

Our revolutionary skin tightening laser technology, the Accent laser™, can reverse wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. The Cutera Laser Genesis™ shrink larges pores, will smooth uneven texture, minimizes fine wrinkles, scarring, and targets microvasculature to reduce excessive redness and rosacea conditions. Lastly, for those who have sun damage and aged skin, the CO² DOT laser can take care of a multitude of skin issues all in one laser. It can induce immediate skin tightening and stimulate new collagen growth as well as treat sun damage, brown spots, fine lines, superficial to deep wrinkles, skin laxity/texture and acne scars.

You can finally defy aging without surgery, with little to no downtime, and with minimal to no pain. Men and women of all ages can benefit from all of these treatments and effects continue to improve up to six months post-treatment.

RoxSpa is here to help you reverse the signs of aging. Call today to set up a skin consultation with one of our skin care specialists and let us help you turn back time!