Scar Treatment

Scarring occurs as a natural part of a post-injury healing process. Various factors influence the way your skin scars, including your age, heredity, and/or ethnicity. These can range from simple acne scars to severe burn scars. Regardless, pigment cells are either damaged or destroyed, causing an uneven tone and/or texture across your skin. However, using our scar treatment process at the RoxSpa, these can be significantly reversed.

The Harmony™ laser system (AFT™ Photofacial and Pixel™ laser), as well as the CO² Dot™ laser treatment, have the ability to produce short pulsed, high powered energy to target the discoloration and uneven texture of scars. Unlike many laser therapies, the procedures only require treatment of the affected area. Risk of injury is significantly reduced to surrounding areas and allows for much quicker treatment times.

At your consultation, the RoxSpa practitioner will recommend an appropriate treatment plan, although only minimal sessions are required to see immediate results. Our lasers are effective and give optimal results by improving the appearance of your scars without undergoing a long recovery period. For diminishing the appearance of “fresh” scars, we also recommend bioCorneum™ scar cream in conjunction with laser treatments to minimize the scars.