Why You Need Sunscreen All Year Long


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It’s no secret that sunscreen is essential during the summer months. But did you know it’s equally important during fall and all year-round? If it’s cloudy, rainy or cold, many of us assume we are safe from the sun’s harmful rays, but that isn’t the case.

While it can be easy to assume that if you cannot see the sun you don’t have to worry about sunscreen, those clouds are only blocking the sunlight, not the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause skin cancer and aging. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, clouds only block about 20 percent of UV rays. On a cloudy day you are still being exposed to 80 percent of the sun’s harsh effects.

In addition, some weather conditions actually make you even more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. Snow, water and sand act like mirrors increasing sun exposure by reflecting incoming UV rays back onto you.  In effect, you’re getting a double dose of exposure.

While shade is a potentially valuable means of protection from the sun, shade is not always 100 percent protective. This is because UVB rays can reach the skin indirectly. Indirect UV light is basically light that has been scattered by the clouds or reflected off other surfaces. Even though it may look as though the sun’s rays are not touching your skin, they might be.

Sun exposure can also happen in the car, when you think you’re covered. 50 percent of UVA radiation can pass through car windows. That’s why you’ll sometimes notice more sun damage on the left side of your face, the side that gets sun exposure from the window while driving.

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