Microneedling at ROXSpa Beverly Hills

What is Micro-needling?
Skin Needling is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that creates healthier, younger looking skin, and helps to reduce the appearance of scars. As a form of collagen induction therapy, needling is regarded by many to be as effective as laser resurfacing. Skin is stimulated with adjustable length of needles in such a way to stimulate natural production of collagen and elastin that plumps, fills, and firms while leaving the dermis. Skin is smoother and younger looking, and results are much longer lasting than what can be achieved with fillers or botox injections.
Skin Needling has been performed for many years, using a variety of instruments, to soften depressed scars and deep facial lines. The evolution of skin needling (aka skin abrasion, collagen induction therapy, needling) for its common use today began in the early 20th century, in 1905.

Is micro-needling painful?
This varies from person to person and their pain tolerance. ROXSpa will apply a topical numbing agent before the procedure to reduce any discomfort. Majority of patients find the treatment very tolerable and report having a sensation of light sunburn immediately post treatment.

What areas can I treat?
•Wrinkles- softens deep wrinkles and reduces the appearance or minimizes fine lines
•Scars from Acne, Burns, Injury, & Surgery – Softens the appearance and reduces the depth of pitted and depressed scars for a smoother texture
•Stretch Marks- improves color and reduces the appearance of stretch marks
•Enlarged Pores – Effectively reduces the size of enlarged pores
•Sun Damaged Skin – Improves overall skin texture – you can expect the skin in the treatment area to be healthier and younger looking

What is the after care?
ROXSpa recommends the use of Tensage ampoules- Tensage is a highly potent growth factor treatment that will aid in rejuvenation and healing of the treated area. You cannot apply makeup the same day of treatment so adjust schedule accordingly. Most importantly, apply sunscreen on a daily basis.

How soon will I see results?
Complete healing could take 7-30 days depending on skin’s condition and intensity of treatment received. A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results.

ROXSpa is offering a promotion of $50 off each treatment through September 30, 2014.
Microneedling patients will also receive 15% off Biopelle Tensage ampoules as recommended aftercare

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