How IPL/Photofacial and Pixel Lasers Can Help Acne

Comparison portrait of a woman with problematic skin without and with makeup

Acne, one of the most common skin conditions, is often a problem for everyone at some point in their lives. However, moderate or even severe acne can continue into adulthood and cause low self-esteem, especially when nothing seems to work to get rid of it.

While the first line of acne treatment is usually topical, laser treatment targets the problem at a much deeper level. Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL), which is known as a Photo Facial, uses light to target bacteria deep within the skin. It destroys the most common acne causing bacteria, preventing future breakouts, and helping to eliminate current ones.

These laser treatments can also shrink the sebaceous glands, which result in less oil production. Acne most commonly develops when skin cells don’t shed properly, leaving sticky pore blocking sebum and bacteria. When killing bacteria, your acne will minimize. Also, any dark pigmented, superficial scars will also be minimized.

When scarring from acne is a main concern, IPL/Photofacial treatment can be combined with laser skin resurfacing called a Pixel laser, also offered at ROXSpa. This type of laser resurfacing stimulates the skin’s collagen, helping with signs of aging and smoothing fine lines.

A lot of our patients who have acne prone skin will combine IPL/Photofacial with a Pixel to get clear skin and then also eliminate scarring from their acne. You can alternate treatments every 4 weeks, or have them done at the same time. Repeating the treatments 2-4 times depending on the severity of the condition. After you initial treatment, touch-ups will keep your complexion glowing, collagen stimulated, and acne at bay.

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