Stretch Mark Removal

Although skin is fairly elastic, rapid growth or stretching causes a disruption in the normal production of collagen, resulting in scars known as stretch marks. Puberty, weight gain, and pregnancy are all common causes of stretch marks. These scars usually start out with a red or purple hue, but often fade overtime to a color lighter than your skin. However, our new and revolutionary treatment can significantly reverse these scars.

What is the best treatment for stretch marks?

At RoxSpa, stretch marks can be treated with multiple hand pieces from the Alma Harmony System™ and the Accent™ radiofrequency treatment. It is best to treat stretch marks when they are red or purple in color, however, the Harmony and Accent treatment combinations can help diminish stretch marks that are already white. The body responds to each treatment by producing new collagen and tissue and either eliminating or shrinking the stretch marks.

How many stretch mark treatments will I need?

Your practitioner will recommend an appropriate stretch mark removal treatment cycle and the appropriate number of sessions required to see results. With our treatments, you can achieve optimal results in improving the appearance of your stretch marks without undergoing a long recovery period or the requirement of additional topical creams or ointments.