How Regular Botox Injections Prevent Wrinkles

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Botox and similar brands like Xeomin and Dysport can prevent wrinkles, but they also need regular maintenance.

Botox can help prevent deep imprinted lines and wrinkles because of the effect of relaxing the muscles that can crease the skin. Wrinkles form around your eyes, on your forehead, and between the eyebrows because of the facial expressions that you constantly make, such as laughing, smiling, and frowning. The more your facial muscles contract to make these expressions, the deeper the wrinkle creases become. This is especially true after age thirty, when your body starts to produce less collagen, the protein that keeps your skin taut and elastic.

When Botox is introduced into the skin, it not only diminishes the wrinkles you already have, it also keeps your facial muscles from contracting for several months, which prevents new wrinkles from forming. Investing in Botox injections every three months may prevent the formation of new wrinkles and be a viable choice for fighting aging skin.

If you choose Botox as a means to prevent wrinkles as well as fight them, you should keep in mind that Botox may not work the same for everyone. Some patients require more units to relax the muscles. You should also wait a week to give Botox time to work with the muscles and relax them properly.

However, once treatments cease or lapse, further wrinkles can form that may still be visible even if Botox is used again in the future. That is why regularly scheduled Botox injections are important to help keep wrinkles at bay.

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